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divendres, 17 de desembre de 2010

Christmas Homework

Dear Pupils,

For these Christmas holidays you will have some homework to do!

-Review unit 1 and unit 2 (you will do an exam in January!!)
-Read your library book and do the activity related to it.
-Do the Frankenstein activities.
-Study grammar from your grammar book and remember that you can visit this website

-Visit our blog and play the games
-Visit this website
-Do you like singing? Yes, I do

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!!!!

Ms. Sílvia

divendres, 10 de desembre de 2010

Practise your English at home

Fifth level
Unit 1 - word game
Unit 1- sentence game
Unit 2-word game
Unit 2 sentence game

Sixth level
Unit 1-word game
Unit 1- sentence game
Unit 2- word game
Unit 2 Sentence game