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dilluns, 29 de novembre de 2010

English activities

In science we are studying “SENSES”: feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling and seeing.
We have done an experiment based on this topic. We had to guess the meal using our senses!

In “SCIENCE” we are studying “Plants”. We have done two experiments. In the first one we planted seeds.
Look how beautiful plants are!!!!
In the second one we achieved that a white flower became blue.

Rachel is a girl from Boston(USA). She is our language assistant.
She comes once a week so we can practice the “speaking” with a native speaker.

dimarts, 16 de novembre de 2010

Escola del Mar

El dia 10 de novembre de 2010 els alumnes de 6è del CEIP Dolors Almeda vam anar a l'Escola del Mar de Sitges.